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The Most Profane Bumper Sticker

Here’s a good way to make yourself a traffic target.

By Comments

Illustration by Nick Anderson

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls took his problem with a profane anti-Trump message posted on the back of a truck (“F–k Trump and f–k you for voting for him”) to Facebook this week. Nehls said in his post that he could potentially pursue disorderly conduct charges for the post.

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  • BCinBCS

    Sheriff Troy Nehls attended Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. What do you expect?

    • John Bernard Books

      well fortunately he ain’t no Sally Hernandez, or Lupe Valdez……..how about them bozos

  • jeffsalzberg

    I left this on the sheriff’s Facebook page:
    “The bumper sticker has an ‘F’ and a ‘K’ with two blank spaces between them. What, exactly, did you imagine was in those blank spaces, Sheriff, and why is it the driver’s fault that you have a filthy mind?”

    • John Bernard Books

      Jeff you ain’t the brightest bulb in the bunch so why do you want everyone to know….

    • St. Anger

      Is that true? I assumed the stickers were just doctored for this magazine.

      If they don’t actually say the word, I am less impressed with both sides …

      • BCinBCS

        The stickers do actually have the F-word (along with a hand with an uplifted middle finger). Since Sheriff Nels got involved, they have added a somewhat smaller sticker with the same message against him.

        • WhyMeLord

          And selling well however you spell it. Proceeds going to help register voters and get them to the polls.

    • Don Baker

      Absolutely not true. The word is spelled out in full.

  • Kozmo

    Society has gotten too coarse. We don’t have any proper cuss words left for real need when so much casual or deliberately inflammatory swears fill the air.

    Anyway, who needs the grief to go around with a target on your vehicle for all sorts of petty harassment and vandalism? It’s sort of needlessly provocative and childish. Like screaming for ice cream in a grocery store as a toddler.

    • St. Anger

      I know right all those protesters really need to learn how to behave in polite society. They are making me uncomfortable.

      • WhyMeLord

        Good point on ‘polite society’ when do you think we’ll get back to that era?

        I had a good friend who lost a few body parts in NAM. He was badly mistreated by the VA over his disabilities. Hick cop in W NC pulled him off his ride for an explicit bumper sticker and tried to beat the sh*t out of him. Might have succeeded but a NC state trooper put a stop to the abuse.

  • John Bernard Books

    If you regularly use the f**K word in front of your kids you will see nothing offensive, but if you’re not a coarse, vulgar, uninformed dem this might offend you.
    Dems who are easily offended by any thing American often hide behind legalism to push their communist agenda.

  • Sky Mirror

    Replace the name “Trump” with “Obama” and Sheriff Troy would probably be presenting the driver with the “Ft. Bend Citizen of the Year” award. Though he probably considers “Obama” to be more offensive than “F–k”.

    • KC



    The most frightening bumper stickier would be:

    The Troll lives next door to me.

    • John Bernard Books

      The most terrifying bumper sticker is…….
      “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”
      Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/ronald_reagan

      • WhyMeLord

        Has a LOT of truth if you’ve been through a hurricane.

        Only thing scarier would be ‘Here’s a letter from your HOA’.

  • Gabriel

    Its unfortunate there is little character anymore in this country. Apparently the more profane, vulgar and repulsive you are, the more right you are. We’ve exchanged rational “democratic” behavior, where we dialog without defamation, was a part of resolution. We live in a country now where individuals exploit their 1st amendment rights instead of steward it. Americans who were born into freedom in this country need to remind themselves of the price. Remember, we fled a tyranny in Europe to start this country because we knew we could, as The People, could have BASIC liberties as was the right of all men/women. We have that and more today. Do not let us be the Rome of our era, where we dissolve this great union because of the wickedness we lavish in from within.

  • John Bernard Books
  • Don Baker

    Flaunting an obscene bumper sticker like that is actually an editorial on your character.