GOP Presidential race Gingrich 28 Cain 25 Romney 18 Perry 6 Bachman/Paul 5 Huntsman 3 * * * * Tweets by PPP about Perry: * 67% of voters nationally now view Rick Perry unfavorably- pretty amazing figure * Perry favorability is 34/48 with California GOP voters…getting towards being under water everywhere * Perry now just flat unpopular with GOP voters- 35/49 fav down 18 pts from 46/42 in October * Rick Perry has dropped from 14% in October to only 6%. Bigger decline than Cain has seen I have refrained from saying Perry is finished. But the fact is, there is no good news. Well, I take it back: He still has a lot of money, but it is hard to see how he can continue to raise funds on the basis of his current numbers. He is pinning his hopes on finishing a decent third in Iowa, but with Cain holding on and Newt ascendant, it looks like a battle between Perry and Romney for third — if he doesn’t get overtaken by Ron Paul or Bachman, both of whom have followers in Iowa too. Perry is targeting the evangelical vote, although his direct mail pieces seemed pretty blah to me. The use of mailers indicates that the Perry campaign has been reduced to using strategies like direct mail that they don’t even believe in. Even his famous luck has deserted him; the expected Cain collapse hasn’t occurred. This is a complete fiasco. And after Iowa is New Hampshire, which will be worse for Perry than Iowa. Get the forks out.