Public Policy Polling published its latest survey of Texas politics on Tuesday. Here are the numbers: Texas primay Romney 50% Gingrich 43% Paul 14% Hispanic Voters Obama 56% Romney 34% Young Voters Obama  57% Romney 35% Tea Party voters Romney 44% Gingrich 38% Evangelical voters Romney 40% Gingrich 45% Perry Approval Rating Approve 39% Disapprove 53% Independents Approve 30% Disapprove 62% * * * * Readers may recall the February UT/Texas Tribune poll in which respondents were asked whether they would support Rick Perry for governor in 2014: Likely 39% Unlikely 51% “Very likely” 21% “Very unlikely” 42% The verdict of the poll was, “This is not the end of Rick Perry, but it is the end of Rick Perry’s invulnerability.” The voters with the most intensity would not support Perry for reelection in 2014.