Aha! I finally located the notebook with notes for this piece of (old, but new) news:

Somebody was doing a push poll in Brian McCall’s district a few weeks back. The first question was, Have you heard of “Tommy” Craddick? Is your opinion of him favorable or unfavorable? Then, Have you heard of Steph Carter? Is your opinion of her favorable or unfavorable? Then, same questions about Brian McCall. Then, Would it change your opinion of McCall if you knew that he voted against property tax reductions? McCall told me he was puzzled by this, since he did not vote against property tax reductions. He speculates that the claim is based upon his vote for an amendment to fund a teacher pay raise ahead of property tax reductions. Steph Carter is, presumably, Stephanie Carter, an assistant Collin County prosecutor who is said to be a possible Republican primary opponent for McCall.