The Texas Supreme Court has ruled on a longstanding case involving homebuilder Bob Perry. Do you think the court (a) ruled for Bob Perry (b) ruled against Bob Perry (c) that this is a stupid question because we all know the answer? Here is the release from Texas Watch. I will add more later.

AUSTIN – The Texas Supreme Court issued a controversial and long-awaited decision in a case involving mega-homebuilder and campaign moneyman Bob Perry today. In Perry Homes v. Cull, the Court sided with Perry in a dispute over shoddy construction, vacating a pro-consumer $800,000 arbitrator decision.
This decision has languished at the high Court for nearly three years. In the meantime, the Court has reached nearly a dozen decisions in which the justices ruled against consumers by upholding an arbitrator’s decision.
Alex Winslow, Executive Director of Texas Watch, released the following statement:
“After years of forcing consumers into a lopsided binding arbitration process, the Court today carved out a special decision for the man who gives the Court more campaign cash than any other individual in the state.
“Since 2000, Mr. Perry and his family have poured over $135,000 into the justices’ campaign coffers. HillCo PAC, which is largely controlled by Perry, has thrown in for another $172,000.
“This decision is little more than a bail out for a major political moneyman, and is the latest in a long line of pro-defendant rulings by our state’s highest court.