The Quorum Report today posted two high powered endorsements for Rick Noriega in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Republican John Cornyn. One is from former governor Dolph Briscoe, the other from former lieutenant governor Bill Hobby. Neither should be regarded as a surprise. Both of the endorsers held office toward the end of the era when the Democratic party dominated the state, and most of the political battles were between conservative and liberal Ds. Both were regarded as pro-business conservative Democrats (especially Briscoe). Noriega’s opponent, Mikal Watts, is a trial lawyer, and conservative Democrats had almost as much distaste for trial lawyers as Republicans do now. Briscoe was defeated for reelection in the 1978 Democratic primary by John Hill, who had been a trial lawyer before serving as attorney general during the Briscoe governorship. I hope it is not too unkind to point out that Briscoe has not served in office for more than 28 years, Hobby for more than 16.