I was on a radio interview tonight (Sunday) with Tom Bevan, the founder of the RealClearPolitics web site. The topic was Perry, of course. Tom believes, as I do, that Perry’s gaffes are not necessarily gaffes at this stage of the game, that what he loses with the media, the left, and the independents, he gets back in the continuing expansion of his far-right base. I think there will come a point, and the first debate may be it, when diminishing returns will set in, but for now the damage is contained to the media. The most interesting question was who did I think Perry might seek out for his vice-presidentian running mate? Tom got the ball rolling by suggesting Giuliani, whom Perry had stumped for in 2008 and who is the name partner of the Bracewell law firm in Houston. I said that I thought it was more likely to be a governor, in keeping with Perry’s view of federalism, maybe Christie of New Jersey.