The new Rasmussen poll is more of same. They’re all going nowhere fast, but Perry is going nowhere faster than the rest.

Perry 34%
Strayhorn 21%
Bell 19%
Friedman 18%

So much for that Strayhorn internal poll that had her at 28% to Perry’s 35%. Even if it was right, the debate put the kibosh on her momentum.

I don’t see much reward in analyzing this poll to death. Perry can’t move his numbers. That’s been evident for two months. Strayhorn blew the opportunity offered by the debate. Bell may have gotten a little bump from the debate. Kinky’s supporters aren’t fazed by his missteps. I wouldn’t be surprised if the final numbers resembled this poll:

Perry 35%
Strayhorn/Bell 25%
Bell/Strayhorn 23%
Friedman 15%
Werner (L) 2%
Unimpressed 100%