I don’t think he’s going to be the last one to do it, either. Solomons is the most serious threat to Craddick of the candidates filing thus far. Here’s why: 1. He’s a mainstream Republican. No one can accuse him of being an ABC or a RINO. A challenger who comes out of the mainstream of the GOP caucus will have much more credibility with the average Republican member than a candidate who is viewed as an ABC. 2. He’s a tough guy. His nickname isn’t “King” Solomons for no reason. He can be imperious when he needs to be. Members will remember the relentlessness with which he battled Phil King over PUC Sunset. You have to be tough to take on Craddick. You have to be willing to take a punch and to do the wet work. Solomons will stick the knife in if he gets the chance. 3. He knows the rules. If there is a battle over the rules on January 13, he can hold his own with Terry Keel. 4. He’s from Dallas. The Dallas business establishment is hungry for a speaker from Big D. The Dallas Morning News will promote his candidacy. Solomons is not the hale-fellow-well-met type, but then neither is Craddick. The real question here is whether Solomons has any following. I don’t know the answer. I do know that the way to attract a following is to start with a following. You need to announce your candidacy by standing up with two or three other members who support you and can articulate why. What we have right now is a bunch of wannabes flying solo. That will not beat Tom Craddick.