The forces opposing the reelection of Joe Straus as speaker are continuing their campaign against him into the Christmas holiday season. I talked to a member from North Texas yesterday who told me that robocalls opposing the election of a RINO speaker were still blanketing his district two days before Christmas. What this tactic can accomplish at this point is difficult to imagine, except to separate people from their money and ruin members’ holidays with their families. Republican caucus or no Republican caucus, Straus has more than enough votes to be reelected. The opposition can make noise, but that is all. There is something Caesarian about the grass roots groups that are leading the fight against Straus. Just a few years ago, they were all over Rick Perry because of the HPV edict and the Trans-Texas Corridor. Now they have turned against the members who were on their side in those battles because those members are for Straus. A few words from Mark Antony and they all forget Brutus. But they are all honorable men, right? [sorry, there was some old material that I neglected to cut in an earlier version of this post]