The headline for the article is “Two Texas Republicans square off for Senate,” and neither of them is named Leppert. According to author Abby Livingston, “The March GOP primary has boiled down to two candidates who are drawing most of the attention: Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and former state Solicitor General Ted Cruz.” I think the race boiled down to one candidate–Dewhurst–long ago. He has shown no weakness during the campaign. The Dew has piles of money, solid name identification, and he can piggyback on Rick Perry’s conservative record, which he helped assemble. Cruz is a favorite of the ideological set; he wows ’em at the Heritage Foundation and is a favorite of the tea party, but he ought to be running for attorney general in 2014, not the Senate in 2012. If there is a race, which I don’t believe, it is between Dewhurst and former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, whose name first appears far down in the story, four paragraphs from the bottom, and one paragraph AFTER Elizabeth Ames Jones’. Leppert is well known in the Metroplex, a rich lode of votes with its population of some 5 million. But that still leaves 20 million Texans unaccounted for. Leppert has money too, though not as much as Dewhurst, and he has already run some TV spots. I have consistently said from the beginning of this race that Dewhurst will win, and I see no reason to change my mind. I think Cruz’s consultant, former John Cornyn operative John Drogin, sold Roll Call a bill of goods, e.g., “John Drogin, Cruz’s campaign manager, is a former staffer to Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas). Drogin is a known quantity in Texas circles, and his decision to sign on with Cruz gives the campaign credibility with Republicans in Washington, D.C., and Austin.”