No surprise here. A WMUR/Granite State poll, conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, shows the former Massachusetts governor far in front, Bachmann running second, and everyone else in single digits. The date of the poll was not reported. The poll results (773 likely Republican primary voters, MOE +/- 3/5%): Romney 35% Bachmann 12% Ron Paul 7% Rudy Giuliani 7% Perry 4% Palin 3% Pawlenty 3% Huntsman 2% Cain 2% Gingrich 1% Gary Johnson, Buddy Roemer, Rick Santorum < 1% I trust that readers do not have to be reminded that one of New Hampshire’s leading political operatives is Dave Carney, who is in the Perry camp. Doug Macatonis, who posted the poll results on the Website “Outside the Beltway,” closes with this observation: “Not much to say here other than one wonders if anyone will seriously contest New Hampshire.”