This is an internet video. It can be seen on the Quorum Report “Daily Buzz.” Perry is at the far left of the screen against a gold background, and Jerry Brown is at the far right. Perry has a goofy look that was probably borrowed from his New Hampshire speech. Brown doesn’t exactly look like Ronald Reagan. There is background piano music, but no voices, just messages in block lettering: WHERE DID LIBERALS IN CALIFORNIA GET ALL THEIR BAD IDEAS? RICK PERRY IS THE FIRST TO GIVE IN-STATE TUITION TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS RICK PERRY APPROVED TAXPAYER FUNDED STATE AID TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ATTENDING COLLEGE. RICK PERRY OPPOSES E-VERIFY RICK PERRY SUPPLYING BAD IDEAS TO CALIFORNIA SINCE 2001 (Perry, of course, can’t support E-verify; it would harm his sugar daddy homebuilder, Bob Perry.) * * * * Romney has taken dead aim at the biggest chink in Perry’s armor.