The Morning News reports that the Texas congressman is considering a run for the Senate. [I am having trouble with the link.] Paul is not going to be able to resist the chance to serve in the Senate alongside his son. If he runs, who is going to beat him? The guy with the most money and name ID is Dewhurst, but he doesn’t have a constituency. He is the essence of an establishment Republican. Roger Williams has the same problem. The remaining hopefuls are going to have to compete for the same constituencies that will gravitate to Paul — the Tea Party, the rurals, and the old white guys. Paul can raise money nationally. He has been doing it for years. Elizabeth Ames Jones has nowhere to go. Michael Williams might get some traction because he has Tea Party support. Ted Cruz has never run a race. The problem with having Ron Paul represent Texas in the United States Senate is that Paul doesn’t chase after federal money. It’s against his principles. Forget money for NASA, for highways, for universities, for military bases. He will cost Texas hundreds of millions of dollars in foregone federal aid. Paul will have none of it. He is a unique type of politician. He represents principles rather than people. If he chooses to run, he will be very difficult to defeat. And Texas will never get back a dime of the money its taxpayers send to Washington.