This item from media critic Michael Wolff ran in today: “The dirty little secret of conservative talk radio is that the average age of listeners is 67 and rising… What’s more, it’s the Internet that is the fast-growing and arguably more powerful political medium — and it is the province of the young and liberal. The only sensible market view of conservative talk is that it will contract and be reduced, in the coming years, to a much more rarefied format.” Yes, age is a bigger problem for the Republican party than ideology. I have had two conversations with prominent Republicans about the generational gap in the past couple of months. One was a former SREC member from Houston. Another was from Bexar County. They each said the same thing. “There are no young people in the Republican party in Houston.” “There are no young people in the Republican party in San Antonio.” When the State Board of Education opposes evolution, and Steve Ogden opposes stem cell research, they are only hastening the demise of their party. The people who have reached voting age in the Bush years aren’t buying it. Democrats aren’t catching the Republicans. The Republicans are receding to the Democrats’ level.