In making his committee appointments, Dewhurst didn’t do any favors for the two new members, Davis and Huffman. * Davis is on Education, International Relations & Trade (note to lite gov–Fort Worth is near the border, all right, but it’s the Oklahoma border, not the Mexican border), Veteran’s Affairs & Military Installations, and Transportation & Homeland Security. * Huffman is on Government Organization, Health and Human Services, Transportation & Homeland Security, and Veteran’s Affairs & Military Installations. Military Installations? What does a senator from Houston have to do with military installations? I guess she can watch the re-enactors on San Jacinto Day. (Note to lite gov–Huffman was a judge. Couldn’t you have found a place for her on Jurisprudence or Criminal Justice?) And it looks to me as if Uresti and Shapleigh are in the penalty box. * Uresti is on Agriculture & Rural Affairs, Natural Resources, Health and Human Services, and Administration. He has a lot of rural territory in his district, but the action–and the votes–are in San Antonio. * Shapleigh is on Health and Human Services, Veteran’s Affairs & Military Installations, Nominations, and Transportation & Homeland Security. He does get a gavel as the chair of the Base Realignment and Closure subcommittee of Veteran’s Affairs. Shapleigh can be his own worst enemy; even so, a veteran senator deserves better.