From today’s Chronicle, via the Quorum Report’s clips: Texas law prevents building on the public beach, but in the chaotic final hours of the legislative session state Rep. Wayne Christian helped craft an amendment that exempts an unlikely piece of land from existing law: his own beachfront property. The amendment is narrowly tailored to exempt only properties on the Bolivar Peninsula, including Christian’s and others on the beachfront. But it’s the advantage gained by Christian — the right to rebuild his destroyed home on the beach — that’s drawing intense criticism and charges of conflict of interest. “It’s a very special bill to benefit a state legislator and that is flat-out wrong,” said Tom Brown, president of Texas Open Beach Advocates. Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson has asked Gov. Rick Perry to veto the bill containing the amendment. The bill has not yet crossed the governor’s desk, and he will not make a decision until he sees it, said Perry spokeswoman Katherine Cesinger.