This email was circulated by a longtime Republican activist:

If you are in Travis County proper, we desperately need you to come the the Republican county convention  this Saturday because all hell is breaking loose with the street scum the RP people are recruiting to help them overturn the rules and then the leadership of the county convention and same on to state convention to elect delegates to the national convention. It’s not really about their favorite candidate any more but more about disruption and anarchy. They are able to do this because our primaries have been pushed off so late the conventions are being held before the primaries, and all someone has to do is swear allegiance to the R Party and they get a little yellow card and are allowed in to the County convention, (which is divided into State Senate Districts  as soon as it begins–but that’s not important to understand right now) as if they had voted in the primary. We have no way of knowing for sure who they are. The libertarian party is required to file its list of attendees with the County Clerk, but they have not done so, and they will not give us their list. If people attend both, they will be prosecuted, but we would rather not have to do it after the fact that way. Most of these people, however, are not libertarians, but just warm bodies or even Democrats who have been recruited to come. I am sure many of them have never voted in any election. Some have a reason–such as hating Bush, wanting drugs legalized or our military dismantled–and others, I honestly don’t know what their incentive is because they are apolitical and know nothing about anything. Some are 9-11 “truthers.” I am on nominations committee for SD 14, and we interviewed hordes of people last night, most of them imposters with yellow cards, and we will have to do the same tonite. We don’t have to vote them in as delegates to the state convention but we do need to meet with them if they have their card and will wait hours to meet with us. They want to be delegates to state convention and lie about who recruited them and why. Many of them do not know there is a Senate race in Texas and have little speeches prepared about themselves and their “concern for our country” and the constitution. They will have even more people this Saturday, and, being revolutionaries, they will have the numbers to take over if normal Republicans don’t show up. Please pass along to your like-minded friends. I know it’s inconvenient, but it is as important as your vote in the primary and in November. If it weren’t for the redistricting fiasco, this would not be happening. The county convention will be at Hyde Park Baptist Church because we couldn’t find any other suitable facility for a group this large.

* * * * This is the third time I have written about a possible “takeover” by the Ron Paul forces. I suspect that the fears are exaggerated, but there is clearly a lot of angst in Republican circles about the Paulbots. The church is in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood, but it won’t be quiet tomorrow. Parking will be next to impossible. There is also a question of whether the Paul forces will  be invading county conventions across the state. We’ll know soon enough.