Yes, it’s the former Oklahoma and Houston Oilers running back and CBS studio analyst. Remember the name. You’ll learn why tomorrow.

[Seven hours later]

Uh, actually, you won’t. Kyle Janek has scheduled a press conference for tomorrow (Tuesday) at which he had planned to announce his plans to resign from his Senate seat and announce his support for Tillman. Tonight, somebody thought to check to see if Tillman actually lives in Senate District 17. Close, but no cigar: one precinct away. Time to punt.

This raises the dreadful prospect of District 16 being represented by Charlie Howard or Gary Polland, both of whom make Dan Patrick look like Thomas Jefferson. I’m serious. Janek defeated Polland to win the seat. The Democrats could field Scott Hochberg. In that field, Janek might end up as Hochberg’s campaign manner. (This time I’m not serious. Well, maybe a little.)

Hey Kyle, you might think about staying around a while. If you try to lobby after letting Howard or Polland in the Senate, your former colleagues will never throw you a vote.