From the San Antonio Express-News:

State officials will have to end a key women’s health program if Planned Parenthood wins a legal battle to continue participating, Texas’ solicitor general told a federal judge Thursday. “In the end, Planned Parenthood would rather shut down the Women’s Health Program in its entirety” than be excluded, said Solicitor General Jonathon F. Mitchell with the state attorney general’s office.

* * * * This seems nuts to me. The state is going to shut down a program that serves 130,000 women? Really? Does Perry think there will be no adverse political consequences, or that it will be forgotten by the time he runs for president in 2016? He owns it now. Has everybody forgotten how women reacted when Rick Santorum said, “Birth control is harmful to women?” I’m not taking sides in the lawsuit. I’m unfamiliar with the merits of the case. But I don’t get why the solicitor general is blaming Planned Parenthood for shutting down the program. It’s the state that is doing the shutting down.