Straus’s statement on the Perry pledge: “Speaker Straus not only agrees with the principles outlined in Governor Perry’s compact but also has delivered results on them, leading the House to balanced, no-new taxes budgets, preserving a strong Rainy Day fund and being one of the only legislators ever to lead efforts to abolish a tax once it had served its purpose. Republicans in the Texas House believe in low taxes and limited and efficient government and hope the Governor will join them in fighting for greater transparency in all aspects of government. The Texas House is also developing an opportunity agenda to encourage innovation, improve education, meet transportation, water and other infrastructure needs, attract manufacturing jobs and support a positive economic climate for a stronger future for Texas.  Speaker Straus has a long-standing policy of not signing pledges; his pledge is to keep his commitments to and provide quality representation for the constituents of District 121 and the people of Texas.” * * * * A carefully worded statement, in which Straus effectively makes the point (as I sought to do in a post earlier today; see “Grover Norquist Perry”) that there is nothing new in the Perry pledge. This did not stop the Perry echo chambers (Texas Conservative Roundtable, Empower Texans) from operating nonstop all day.