Rule 5, Section 43. HUDDLES AT THE SPEAKER’S DESK. (a) At no time during floor debate, or while points of order are pending, shall more than six members be allowed to huddle around the speaker’s desk. The maximum number of huddlers shall be limited to three from each political party, two of which shall be the chairman of each party caucus. Each chairman may designate two additional members of his party’s caucus to participate in the huddle. (b) No huddle shall be allowed to exceed ten minutes in length; provided that either caucus chairman shall be entitled to one motion to extend the huddle’s time for another five minutes. Following the expiration of the second time limit, if no resolution of the issue causing the huddle has occurred, the speaker shall flip a coin to determine which party wins the huddle. (c) This rule shall only apply if the parliamentarian determines that excessive chubbing is taking place.