SurveyUSA’s latest monthly tracking poll of President Bush’s approval ratings has Bush at 50% or better in only five states:

Utah 59%
Idaho 57%
Wyoming 53%
Nebraska 51%
Texas 50%

The weighted average for all fifty states is 39%. The weighted average is determined by factoring in each state’s share of U.S. population. The poll interviewed 600 adults of at least eighteen years of age in each of the 50 states between Thursday, September 14, and Sunday, September 17. Some pollsters believe that weekend polling is unreliable.

In a recent posting, I analyzed the eight races that are likely to decide which party will control the United States Senate. Republicans currently have a 55-45 edge; Democrats must pick up at least six seats to gain a majority. Here is the president’s approval rating in each of the eight states, along with the party that currently holds the seat:

Missouri (R) 41%
Montana (R) 48%
New Jersey (D) 32%
Ohio (R) 34%
Pennsylvania (R) 39%
Rhode Island (R) 23%
Tennessee (R) 43%
Virginia (R) 41%