Not good. The monthly tracking poll finds only four states in which the president’s approval rating is above the water line. AND TEXAS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

The short list:
Idaho 57%
Utah 57%
Wyoming 52%
Montana 50%

Texas comes in at 45%, down from 50% in September. Nebraska, which also favored Bush last month, dropped to 46%.

Here are the president’s ratings for the eight states in which the outcome of U.S. Senate races will determine which party controls the upper chamber. All of the states have Republican incumbents except New Jersey and Tennessee, an open seat created by the retirement of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. Republicans need to win at least two of the eight to maintain control:

Missouri (Talent-R vs. McCaskill-D) 38%
Montana (Burns-R vs. Tester-D) 50%
New Jersey (Menendez-D vs. Kean-R) 38%
Ohio (DeWine-R vs. Brown-D) 37%
Pennsylvania (Santorum-R vs. Casey-D) 36%
Rhode Island (Chafee-R vs. Whitehouse-D) 23%
Tennessee (Corker-R vs. Ford-D) 39%
Virginia (Allen-R v. Webb-D) 39%