SurveyUSA’s monthly tracking poll of the approval ratings of President Bush, Governor Perry, and senators Hutchison and Cornyn was conducted on March 9. The poll is based on automated random digit dialing calls to 600 adults.

Bush: 41% approve, 57% disapprove
Hutchison: 59% approve, 32% disapprove
Cornyn: 47% approve, 39% disapprove
Perry: 44% approve, 50% disapprove

Last month’s numbers:
Bush: 47/50 (this was a significant improvement over January; March is a regression to the mean)
Hutchison: no change from last month*
Cornyn: 44/42*
Perry: no change from last month

* Something peculiar is going on, because the numbers SurveyUSA gives for the senators in February are not consistent with my writeup last month. I assure you that I did not misreport the numbers. Hutchison was 59/32, and I wrote that she had picked up one point since January, when her approval rating was 58. But SurveyUSA is now showing Hutchison’s February numbers as 67/26. Cornyn was 44/42, but SurveyUSA is now showing his February number as 47/35. My basis for comparison is the numbers I reported last month, not the numbers shown in SurveyUSA’s tracking history. Maybe I should provide a surgeon general’s warning that these results could be hazardous to your understanding of politics.