The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee is touting the results of a new survey showing that John Cornyn’s approval rating barely exceeds his disapproval rating. Here is the text of the DSCC release:

A new poll from Survey USA shows that Texas Senator John Cornyn’s approval rating is now only 3 points higher than his disapproval rating, with 43% of Texans approving of the way he is handling his job and 40% disapproving. Cornyn’s approval rating has dropped 4 points in the past month, and his disapproval rating has climbed by one point.

The public poll follows on the heels of a DSCC poll which showed that despite having held statewide office for 15 of the past 17 years, Cornyn has a statewide name ID roughly competitive with the third string quarterback for the Longhorns.

Sherrod Harris for U.S. Senate?!?

This poll is dated April 16, but it has not yet been posted on the SurveyUSA Web site.

It doesn’t matter what Cornyn’s name ID is, because the Democrats don’t have anyone to run against him whose name ID is roughly competitive with the third string quarterback for Midland Lee High School. Can John Sharp throw a Hail Mary?