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The Big Three Breakfast Blows Up

By Comments

greg abbott dan patrick joe straus breakfast blowup

The weekly kumbaya breakfast between the big three Texas lawmakers broke down today into a round-robin of recriminations that concluded with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick declaring he was tired of Governor Greg Abbott and Speaker Joe Straus “picking on me.”

The blow-up, confirmed by multiple sources, represents the boiling point of long-simmering disputes. The House has been upset that Patrick declared his inauguration marked a “New Day” in Texas and that he pushed a conservative agenda quickly through the Senate with expectations that the House would just pass his legislation. But, instead, most of the Senate’s bills on tax cuts, licensed open carry of handguns and moving the Public Integrity Unit have languished in the House without even being referred to committee by Straus.

The House instead has passed its own version of the same legislation, putting the Senate in a take-it-or-leave-it position. To pass the Senate bills now, the House would have to have an entirely new debate on controversial measures it already has approved.

So the Senate, in what looked like retaliation on Tuesday, ignored a House-approved border security bill to vote on its own measure, putting the House into a take-it-or-leave-it position on border security – a measure that House Ways and Means Chair Dennis Bonnen had crafted to win support of border Democrats.

This may be Patrick’s New Day, but Straus’ Old Guard still runs the House.

Topping off that battle, Patrick’s grassroots advisory council sent out a letter Tuesday on its own letterhead attacking the House bill on pre-kindergarten education that was passed after a bitter fight. The legislation is part of Abbott’s signature set of legislation, but the Patrick advisory board of tea party activists claimed the bill would take children out of religious pre-schools and force them into “a Godless environment.” Patrick immediately put out a statement disowning the letter as “unsolicited and expresses the individual viewpoints of Texas citizens.”

But as Patrick arrived at the speaker’s quarters behind the House chamber for today’s breakfast, he encountered House Administration Chairman Charlie Geren in the hallway. Geren sniped about the letter Patrick had put out against Abbott. Patrick again denied having anything to do with it.

Once in the breakfast, Patrick and Straus began arguing over the House not moving on Patrick’s agenda bills, while Straus was critical of the Senate action on the border security bill. At that point, Abbott interjected his displeasure with the letter attacking the pre-k bill that he supported.

With Abbott and Straus coming at him, Patrick declared that he was tired of them “picking on me.” (All three offices have issued statements regarding the breakfast. Straus’s office writes, “Speaker Straus is confident that the members of the House and Senate, as well as the leadership, will work together well in the final weeks of the session.” The governor’s spokesperson said, “Governor Abbott has a strong working relationshiop with Lt. Governor Patrick and looks forward to working with the House and the Senate to address Texans’ priorities.” In a statement that sounds awfully familiar to the governor’s, Patrick’s office wrote: “The Lt. Governor has a strong working relationship with Abbott and Straus and looks forward to continuing their work on Texans’ priorities.”)

Either way it works out, one chamber or another will need to have a new debate on legislation such as open carry if it is to pass. The Senate is most likely to blink, but then Patrick and the Republican senators will have less claim to being the authors of the legislation.

Kumbaya. What’s for breakfast next Wednesday?

(AP Photo | Eric Gay)

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    It had to happen eventually…..Now we will see where the governor comes down and if he can get the two houses to work together. This is the first challenge to his hopes to be a strong governor. Maybe next week Patrick will hold his breath until the other two give in.

    If the House wants to make a gesture of good will, it should pick up the Senate bill cutting the franchise tax and use it as the vehicle for its bigger cut. It could then just let SJR 1 die and pass its sales tax cut bill….giving the Senate credit for one of the two cuts. The Senate could show its intent for good will by picking up the house handgun bill and passing it. But those kinds of gestures require a willingness to work together which we have not seen yet.

    It is actually kind of heartwarming seeing Patrick having to take a hit for the actions of the advisory group he appointed. He can try to claim that he was not responsible for their attacking the governor’s pre-K program so harshly (“godless”, “socialistic”, anti-parents, etc.)…but he is the one who put them in a position to unleash such an attack in the first place. I wonder if this is the last time we will hear from one of his advisory groups. The best laid places of mice, men and Dan Patrick…..

    • Unwound

      I’m actually genuinely surprised to hear of Patrick whining like this. I would have thought him made of sterner stuff.

      • WUSRPH

        You apparently did not watch his when he was a committee chair in the Senate last session (for the only time) when he mistreated witnesses, etc. He shows all signs of not being a pleasant man, shall we say.

        • Unwound

          No, I’m familiar with his behaviour, I just didnt figure he would be the type to cry “why is everyone being so mean to me”. He seems more the type to attempt to use that criticism to make them look weak.

          • Erica Grieder

            I was just thinking about this and you guys are both onto something. Patrick is far more sensitive than one would expect in response to criticism, especially from people he respects. He’s also complained, on many occasions, that he’s being unfairly treated, by the media for example. When he does so in public, I think, he’s usually not actually hurt, he’s just playing the victim, which is an easy way for conservatives (in Texas and elsewhere) to rally the grassroots around them. What confuses the picture is that despite being sensitive, he’s also aggressive, in a way that often comes across as belligerent or even bullying. And yet when someone else calls him out for having been belligerent, he’s usually surprised and confused. I don’t think his confusion is feigned. Maybe at times, but keep in mind he’s a talk radio guy–I think he likes to argue, or sees it as a kind of a game. And to be fair, he doesn’t seem to mind when people argue back. He and Wendy Davis butted heads all the time in 2013, but they weren’t enemies at the end of session. He and I had some pretty heated arguments during our interviews last year and neither of us was offended at the time or after. I’m sure he’s mad at me now because I’ve been so critical of some of these Senate budget proposals, though. I didn’t set out to bully Patrick–my anger, grief, and dismay over fiscal gimmicks is entirely sincere–but the fact that the criticism is sincere, and about policy, doesn’t mean that it’s not critical.

          • Unwound

            So to distill it down, youre saying he handles argument ok, but takes criticism like a child.

          • Erica Grieder

            Yes. Thank you for distilling that for me 🙂

          • Blue Dogs

            What’s his relationship with fellow Houstonian Rodney Ellis like ?
            I know the 2 sparred in some debates on KPRC-TV’s “Houston Newsmakers” about 2 years ago.

          • wessexmom

            And your point is what, Ms. Grieder? Seriously. If you’re going to write about legislative politics in Austin you can’t start backpeddling and wringing your hands the minute someone as CLEARLY UNSTABLE as Dan Patrick thinks you’re being mean to him.

            Scrutinizing him is your job and for the most part, you were FAR TOO EASY on him in the months leading up to his election. I can’t excuse your naivete and “Now you tell us” hindsight. After all, YOU are the one who wrote the following words last May regarding Patrick’s mental health history:

            “Patrick’s public record is full of things that he can fairly be
            criticized for–lying, blustering, condescending, playing the victim. The
            implication of the reports about his medical history seems to be that the mental health issues for which Patrick sought professional
            treatment continue to affect him, and may be reflected in the types of behavior mentioned. That may be the case, but does it matter?”

            In Mr. Patrick’s case, Ms. Grieder, the answer is YES, IT ACTUALLY DOES MATTER! A LOT! Patrick’s VERY long history of EXTREME instability and bad behavior render him completely unsuitable for the office he now holds, a job that could have a major impact on public policies! (And FYI: He completely LIED about his mental health history as well.)

            If you had simply searched the archives of The Houston Chronicle or just your own magazine you would have found Mimi Swartz’s brilliantly incisive profile on him titled HERE COMES TROUBLE
            not to mention a dozen warning shots posted by Paul Burka.

            I’m not suggesting you should have swallowed their opinions whole, but doing SOME research on your subject would have improved your analysis immensely.

          • Indiana Pearl

            wessexmom: Thanks for the link. Mimi Swartz is a fine journalist. Does Dan Patrick really believe this stuff or is it performance art?

          • Marty Jamieson

            Castration would have been easier….wow!

          • Lt Guv Dan Patrick…..

          • Texas Publius

            Bingo. Winner winner chicken dinner. This nails it, with one exception.

            Yes, Dan Patrick plays the victim, but only when he’s cornered and caught red-handed. Sort of a last resort response mechanism when he’s stuck.

            Dan Patrick likes to argue with Ds, and they do not become enemies.

            Dan Patrick likes to bully Rs, and once that happens he treats them as enemies for life.

          • wessexmom

            Perhaps Patrick will be so polarizing that Ds and Rs unite and work together, just to spite him! We can only hope.

          • Blue Dogs

            Or his battles with Van de Putte, who recently bailed from the State Senate altogether to run for San Antonio Mayor down here.

          • Terry GodLion

            -I think he likes to argue, or sees it as a kind of a game.

            Well he needs to get his arse off HIGH center and start doing what he was elected to, if he wants to act like this and hold up IMPORTANT legislation,he can go to D.C. with the rest of the LIBTARDS.

          • Indiana Pearl

            Paranoid schizophrenic with a bad haircut . . .

        • Indiana Pearl

          Full blown bat $hit crazy . . .

        • Ears1foru

          Or perhaps it on his meds

        • Blue Dogs

          Or calling a Houston news journalist’ wife “A Stupid Bitch” or “Dirty Mexican”, then stopping on her foot.

          • Unwound

            No different from anything youve done on here.

      • Longhorn Sally

        Heh. Clearly, you missed the primary.

      • Gary Denton

        You apparently don’t know his past personal, mental and business history.

    • John Johnson

      Good analysis, Professor. Very informative, Mr. Radcliffe. Thanks due to both of you.

    • Blue Dogs

      I’m surprised Abbott didn’t take Patrick for a “Walk along the River” moment & threaten to destroy his ass by taking away his powers, etc.

      • yodacohen

        Unfortunately, constitutionally, Patrick has more power than Abbott at this point. Perry’s power came from longevity and control of all the state boards and commissions. All Abbott has is the bully pulpit, but Patrick has 3 radio stations in the three biggest Texas markets, talking to tens of thousands of whack jobs and tea parties daily for hours.

        • Blue Dogs

          Abbott’s got 6 consecutive statewide election victories compared to Patrick’s 1.

  • Abbott will not support Straus and the dems.

  • Tabatha Vasquez

    Festivus begins with the airing of the grievances… next comes feats of strength!

    • CowtownBassGirl

      Brilliant, Tabitha! Thank you!!!

  • Clayton

    Patrick is a nut job. Every person who voted for him should be flogged for their ignorance.

    • Gwen Elaine Dallas

      “If only we had a sensible sportscaster like Skip Bayless running the Senate.” <– typical voter.

  • PeterfromAustin

    Oh, for crying out loud children! Please, you boys run the show and have all the votes. Get it together or you’ll embarrass yourselves and the state. Come to think of it, if you pass your agenda, that alone will be embarrassing enough but it least you won’t look silly enacting it. Remember, there aren’t any democrats to blame so quit complaining.

  • SocraticGadfly

    What’s a “relationshiOp” (sic except the capital) near the end? I guess it’s a very twisted relationship indeed?

  • Texas Publius

    Dan Patrick doesn’t know how to share a microphone, let alone share power.

    He’s in over his head (and his IQ).

    Maryland’s loss was actually Maryland’s gain, not ours in Texas. Texas will be much better off when he’s no longer in office.

    • Indiana Pearl

      How long, oh Lord, how long?

      • Blue Dogs

        Burka did say Patrick wants the big job & the nice big white house located at 1010 Colroado Street.

        • yodacohen

          Fortunately, too old to go for 1600 PA Ave, Washington, DC

          • Blue Dogs

            If God forbid, Patrick becomes the 49th Governor on January 15, 2019, he’ll be lucky to serve 1 term due to his age & people will be either bailing the state in droves or plotting his downfall.

        • Yean and just how often is Burka right?

  • AlmostNormalTexan

    Patrick should let the House’s open carry bill die in the Senate. Why? Because Tea Partiers win by not doing things and then complaining about them to rile up the base. Patrick can run against Greg Abbott in the primary in 2018 and tell GOP voters that he fought for open carry but the RINOs in the House watered it down, Abbott refused to back him up and he wasn’t going to let that happen.

    • wessexmom

      Secede Now! Please!

    • Blue Dogs

      Do you think the alleged blow-up will result in Patrick running against Abbott in 2018 ?
      If that happens, Abbott crushes his ass by an epic landslide of 50 points or more!

      • Texas Publius

        You would think Abbott (and everyone else) by now would know from watching Dewhurst do his best Neville Chamberlain imitation with Dan, that Dan Patrick is your friend….until he isn’t.

        Dan was against Dewhurst, then with him (and against Cruz), then against him again, then ultimately ran him out of office. Dan has a similar track record with Rick Perry.

        Appeasing Dan doesn’t work. Dan is about Dan, and his relationship with anyone (especially with R politicians and operatives) depends on whether at that very moment it helps him politically to be your ally or your enemy. That’s his only calculation. And he apparently thinks he can flip back and forth without consequence.

        • Blue Dogs

          At least Perry had the decency to RETIRE while the going was good, to keep his winning streak in TX perfect (14-0).
          Dewhurst, on the other hand, should’ve done the same & retired gracefully too, but his big ego got in the way & we all know how that went last spring.

    • yodacohen

      That’s exactly what he’s going to do. And ignorant voters will buy it.

      • you voted for Obama and you’re calling someone ignorant?

        • yodacohen

          Do not pick fights on blogs. First, you don’t know who I am, who I voted for or why.

        • yodacohen

          Besides. Campaigning against someone who will never again hold public office is a stupid political act. And not everyone shares your opinion anyway. It’s democracy. Your post sorta makes you appear to be an angry person. It was simply a cowardly attempt to insult me while hiding behind the aononymity of the internet. You stated no facts to support your opinion.

          • I’m pretty sure it wasn’t cowardly, it seemed pretty straight forward to me.

          • Seamus

            I see you have figured out Bernie right quick.

  • José

    Perhaps now Mr. Patrick will learn that it’s a whole lot more difficult to do something constructive than it is to find fault with the world or stir up trouble in some other way. Being good at mouthing off to a microphone is not nearly the same thing as being good at governing.

  • texashoops

    This is a one term governor…
    ‘quit picking on me?’ really?
    sad day for Texas.

    • wessexmom

      He’s ALWAYS been a LOONY TUNE; Erica Grieder SHOULD have done her homework.

  • Richard

    Straus plays chess while Patrick plays checkers.

  • 6660splendidday

    Tree-Huggers can be dealt with on a sane foundation. Recently, what
    happens in Texas is heard all over the world. When Texas Legislators put
    a solid ban on cities and towns so denying Citizens to have a say in
    important matters that affect their lives, having a say in what goes on
    in their
    communities , it shrieks alarming vibes through industries.. not just
    oil business.. When Denton said no more fracking in my back yard…
    the Lege said shut up and drink the G – D Water. Denton put the case
    before their District Voters.. a high percentage of voters – votedon
    the Ban on Fracking, using distances, etc. Some of the Lege even
    said it was the Oil Companies GOD GIVEN RIGHT to frack where
    they wanted to. (They also said the same thing about Guns.. during
    debates on Open Carry.) I have not been able to find out if GOD called Dan Patrick or if Dan Patrick called GOD.
    Today Oklahoma authorities announced that fracking has, indeed caused more than four hundred earthquakes in that State
    . You simply cannot tell people who have concerns and their pregnant
    sow died last night to shut up and/or go to hell .. or both. That
    never works for anyone. And, believe me, it will not work in Texas.

    • Blue Dogs

      How about cutting off ALL state funds to the cities, who use fracking, etc.,

  • wessexmom

    Thanks, Mr. Ratcliffe, for being a bona fide reporter–a rarity in journalism these days.

  • Lt Guv Dan Patrick, get used to it dems. Cheeze with your whine dems?


    • Blue Dogs

      The proper term is Governor Patrick: sounds better!

  • Don’t expect reporting here unless I expose the facts.

    The Straus run Tx House has appointed a democrat and 4 liberal republicans to the conference committee for HB1.

    Reps. John Otto(R-Dayton), Sylvester Turner (D-Houston), Trent Ashby (R-Lufkin), Sarah Davis (R-West University Place), and Larry Gonzales (R-Round Rock)

    Democrats own Straus.

    • r.g. ratcliffe

      No doubt Democrats have a say with Straus, but you always have to remember the speaker is elected by the members of the House, not by the voters of the state at large. Each House member is answerable to their district, not the statewide electorate. The vote for speaker at the start of the session shows a lot of Republicans feel more comfortable aligning themselves with Democrats for a leadership team than they do aligning themselves with tea party groups who are unwilling to give an inch to gain a mile.

      • WUSRPH

        Funny he didn’t attack Ms. Davis for being the ONLY GOPer to oppose the abortion bills last session…..She was soundly attacked for that in the primary but she wound up slaughtering her opponent. Apparently her Republican voters were not that excited about abortion.

  • Gunslinger

    Patrick does best when he doesn’t have to govern. I sense that he’ll turn quickly to campaign mode where he’s more comfortable, throwing verbal hand grenades and stirring up the base with red meat issues and charges of “RINOs”. In the end, this is all just campaign fodder.

  • yodacohen

    Dan Patrick has a history of being a narcissistic, self-righteous, egotistical, hypocritical individual with significant emotional issues, an inferiority complex, and bouts years ago of extremely severe depression. He has utilized newly found evangelistic beliefs 12 or 15 years ago as a crutch and an excuse to behave the way he behaves toward others.

    The people of Texas are going to ever regret the day they elected this very emotionally unstable person to what is probably the most powerful political position in the state. I blame the political ignorance of Texans on the cowardice of the most powerful media in this state, and most Texans’ contempt for all politicians. Additionally, the very people who have the right to vote and are being most heavily stepped on,in droves in Texas, don’t vote in significant enough numbers to make a difference.

    • Blue Dogs

      Emotionally unstable person ? Tell that to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who looted the Philippine Treasury during her reign as President of the Republic of the Philippines for 9 consecutive years.

      • Indiana Pearl

        Texas is not the Phillipines.

        • WUSRPH


          • Indiana Pearl


          • Blue Dogs

            Speaking of the Philippines, NoyNoy Aquino’s VP, Jejomar Binay is still considered the frontrunner to replace him in 2016.
            There was also pressure on Kris Aquino to run for VP or President, but she’s flatly refused: stating she’s too busy on her business ventures at the moment.
            Considering they canceled her show, The Buzz, wouldn’t surprise me if she runs for the top prize in 2022.

      • jammerjim

        What the Hell does this have to do with anything?

    • Texas Publius

      Bullock also had some of the same issues, though not some of Patrick’s others. I wonder if Bullock could’ve survived long in an era of Twitter, camera phones, and anonymous bloggers. I doubt it.

      • yodacohen

        I doubt it too. He was a great publicity hound with “Bullock’s Raiders”, calling the tv stations prior to raiding a business for not paying its sales tax collections. But Bullock had a ton of personal faults that were always under wraps from general public. The politicians knew it, but the public didn’t. Today, he wouldn’t be able to hide that stuff.

        • WUSRPH

          It was kind of hard to hide five marriages (four wives) and alcoholism….His faults were more than publicized by the media of the day…..If you did not know it was because you were not paying attention.

          • yodacohen

            I knew about that stuff. I was being kind to his memory. And I think Bob Bullock had a very reasonable view of government, public policy, and what is good for Texas and civilization in general. Patrick’s on a whole different plane. He executes his emotional issues by seriously acting out publicly while sober. Lol

      • Rico Politico

        Bullock’s body couldn’t survive this tempestuous legislature.

        • Blue Dogs

          Plus, Bullock’s health problems would’ve made things difficult in the internet age.

      • vietvet3

        The difference is that despite his alcoholic rages and manic-depressive antics, BB cared about, and acted for, the people of Texas. Patrick should be required to genuflect at BB’s 10 ft statue at the museum. Daily.

  • Blue Dogs

    Traditionally: the Governor, LG & Speaker have an annual breakfast inside the TX Governor’s Mansion during the legislative session.
    I heard about the alleged blow-up this morning LOL!

  • yodacohen

    Just watch the fireworks. Gene Wu, Dem Rep from Houston’s Sharpstown area, and Scott Hochberg’s replacement in the House, briefed Bellaire and Meyerland Dems two weeks ago on how things REALLY work and how many House Republicans are FED UP with Senate whack jobs and even some House whack jobs.

    I predict Patrick will begin using his radio stations to foment a revolution against Abbott and Strauss, and if Democrats don’t start going to the polls Dan Patrick will topple Abbott and become the next Governor. Texas Republicans would vote for Charles Manson if he were a Republican and on the ballot. This is just how badly the Democratic Party has mismanaged its political operations and messaging and fund raising in Texas.

    Remember, no one expected Cruz to beat Dewhurst. No one expected Patrick to beat Dewhurst.

    I used to, until about 7 years ago, listen to right wing radio in the car for amusement between sales calls. You do that for a number of years and you discover EXACTLY what they are up to, how warped and viscious they are, and how bad off WE the general public will be if they get their way. Finally I heard Limbaugh say, “I hope he fails” about the then President-Elect. I decided, knowing about some radio audience measurement technology, that I had “had it” and wasn’t going to risk driving by a sensor on a phone pole and have it report that my car radio was tuned to Rush Limbaugh or Dan Patrick. I was NOT about to allow either one of those viscious political misfit mobsters to earn even one more penny off my listenership boosting their ratings.

    Ruthless beats good government any and every day at the polls in Texas.

    • Indiana Pearl

      Seems unethical for an elected official to use his radio stations for his political agenda, but I’m a midwesterner.

      • WUSRPH

        It is an old tradition….Jefferson had his own newspaper…and most of the early papers were affiliated with one party or one candidate…and often received money from one…..That did not change until the late 19th and early 20th century when newspaper reporters started thinking about themselves as being “journalists” and the media went thru a period where “objectivity” or “presenting both sides” was the rule. That began to wane with the rise of cable TV and opinionated news, ala Fox and Empower Texans, that is intended to present only one side. I guess you can say we are back where we began.

        • Indiana Pearl

          Ronnie Raygun cancelled the Fairness Doctrine, let’s not forget.

      • yodacohen

        He personally goes off the air under Section 315 of the Communications Act of 1934 (equal time rule) either 45 or 60 days prior to election (it’s been way too long since I was in the television broadcasting industry, so I don’t remember ALL the statutory details. I think 45 days before a primary, 60 days before a general election). However, the Fairness Doctrine has been dead since 1987 (thank you Ronald Reagan and idiot Democrats who lay down like sheep and let him and the Republicans steam roll them, giving birth to Rush Limbaugh and his ilk). The Fairness Doctrine required broadcasters to offer time to all sides regarding a controversial issue of public importance. It also prohibited the broadcast of verbal personal attacks. The equal time law applies to actual candidates. It does NOT apply to referendums or ballot issues on laws, amendments, etc. Because no Fairness Doctrine, Patrick’s other minions on his stations simply speak FOR him during that pre-election blackout period. It’s all a joke.
        Ethics? They don’t want or need no stinkin’ ethics. They’re doing Jesus’s work. Just ask them.

        BTW, Indiana Pearl, you DO know that while Mike Pence has a law degree, he came to fame in Indiana because he was a talk radio host, I believe, in Columbus, IN. Yet another example of a gas-bag blabbermouth wing nut using AM radio as a platform to high public office.

      • Jed

        better than for someone UNelected to use them … at least you can theoretically throw out the elected one.

    • Blue Dogs

      But Abbott will have more $$$$ in 2018 than Patrick; plus, he’ll have more support among the business establishment & conservative base of the TX GOP.

  • Marty Jamieson

    PS: what are we doing about water?

    Dow Chemical has seniority rights to suck the Brazos dry in the name of corporate profit.

    Major rivers need attention& a statewide plan is not seeing the light of day.

    Do discussion.

    Boys, you may have dug your own private wells but the rest of us need leadership & Vision to manage the state’s water!

    Please, stop the open carry & pre school discussion and deal with our water!

    • WUSRPH

      As some of us predicted, other than the Hays County fight, water has not been an significant issue this session and is not likely to become one despite the 3rd Court’s ruling in the Dow Chemical case. That ruling has a long way to go before it is upheld by the Texas Supreme Court (which is sure to do just that)….plus the Leg. thinks it dealt with the issue last session when it enacted and the voters approved a $2 billion revolving fund for water projects, etc. It is not likely to give water serious attention until either the Dow ruling is upheld and/or a significant amount of the $2 billion has been committed.

      • Marty Jamieson

        Thank you for your opinion.
        It still shows that the Legislature is NOT focused on water.
        Water rights are fair game as we have seen….

        Do you have a comphensive list of current projects?

        • WUSRPH


          You may be able to find what you want at the Texas Water Development Board (see site above). It runs the loan and grant programs.

    • Rico Politico

      Hey you! Look over here. Do you like this shining little object???

  • Acknowledge it….Lt Guv Dan Patrick
    Say it……………… Lt Guv Dan Patrick
    Get used to it…….Lt Guv Dan Patrick

    • Seamus

      This site needs someone with Bernie’s POV but is capable of adding substantive information to the discussion.


    R.G. Have you heard anything about the “mood” at the weekly chairs meeting in the House and Senate, assuming that they still have them?

  • radsenior

    School choice is OK as long as public money and resources are kept in the public domain and kept abreast of costs and expenses. Private schooling is a choice that should be paid for by thoses choosing private/home schooling. Politicians who openly seek taking public money and awarding those funds to private for-profit agencies MUST be removed from office. The worst example is Dannies Scott Goeb, who ran as Dan Patrick, in Texas! Public money and religion MUST NOT MIX! Private schools can teach religion all theywant as long as they DO NOT RECEIVE PUBLIC MONEY!
    I think Texans will rue the vote last November by voting Dannie Scott Goeb into office. Dan Patrick is the most scary politician in office. Patrick is dead-set on taking down the school funding system by working to increasing charter schools across Texas. Moving public school funding from the public sector to the private sector has not proven beneficial, but has proven a financial boon for patricks closest friends.
    The Texas TEA Party advocate for the abolition of the Federal Reserve, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Transportation Security Administration and the Departments of Education.

  • karp45

    Patrick thinks everyone loves him as much as he loves himself, but they don’t!

  • Rick Lovelady

    Politics at its best. Can’t get legislation passed because of inflated egos of Straus and Patrick. So they hold each chambers bills hostage. I personally am sick of this BS. They need to work together and get these bills passed. Especially Open Carry that has been passed by both chambers and now is just sitting and may die because of this childish behavior.

  • Blue Dogs

    Anyone noticed in this photograph, Patrick was thinking to himself, “I want your job Greg!” ?

  • Terry GodLion

    Get your CRAP together, we cannot have the infighting like DC does, PASS the damned bills.

  • djh1765

    I’ve been saying “Open Carry” was in trouble.
    Reading this article you can now tell why.

    If you want it passed you better be emailing these people or it is going to die in both chambers.
    Who really cares in the long run which chamber gets the credit?

    If the Senate passes it then the Senate gets the credit.

  • Law of the JUNGLE will ALWAYS be favors to the strong. May not be fair but it gets results. Texas has the REPUTATION of being, self sufficient, and self ruled not polite or fair…… Texas is WHAT the
    USA USED to be. NOT what it has become

  • don76550

    Dan Patrick is an excellent Lt Gov who has my support. Unlike establishment RINOs he is addressing issues he promised the voters he would address. Also whenever I see the left wing extremists like WUSRPH, Erica, and Ratcliffe whine, wring their hands and wet their little red diapers then I know Patrick is doing what I elected him to do.

  • 6660splendidday

    Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler) put forward an amendment
    that would make it illegal to terminate a pregnancy after 20 weeks,
    even if a fetus “has a severe and irreversible abnormality,” effectively
    forcing families with wanted, but unsustainable pregnancies to carry to
    term at the behest of the state and against the advice of their doctors
    or their own wishes.

  • 6660splendidday

    Our state Legislature has repeatedly rejected private school vouchers
    because they divert public money to religious schools in violation of
    the first amendment of the United States Constitution, which prohibits
    any establishment of religion. This time, the ruse is to not to give
    religious schools money directly but simply to allow a reduction of
    funds in the public treasury to be diverted to private schools.
    Religious liberty is at stake. The separation of church and state is
    intended not to protect the state from the church, but to protect the
    church from the state. It is sinful and tyrannical to compel people to
    pay taxes for the propagation of religious opinions with which they
    disagree, or even with which they agree. Authentic religion must be
    total uncoerced. Texas’ religious fanatic Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
    recently wrote a letter to his hand picked advisory board in which he
    called every school classroom a “Godless environment”. How dare he say
    such a thing! He attacks our neighborhoods, our communities and the very
    people who spend their lives teaching and nourishing our children. What
    a jackass that man is. Because some people voted for this person
    does not give him the authority to tell us who he considers to be
    Godless. We might, in turn, think he is Godless himself. Let’s hope
    that sanity will survive in our deliberations in state government. Let’s
    hope enough decent, honest and respectable people realize this is
    cheating at its worst. Godless, indeed, said the Cheater.

  • 6660splendidday

    The right-wingers already have the new Manager picked out.
    Annual salary one million bucks with raises every six months.Thrown in bonus for signing – a brand new Lear Jet.