Those of you who arrive at Texas Monthly directly via BurkaBlog might have missed a column we posted over the weekend from the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s John Daniel Davidson, offering a critical look at the economic argument for Medicaid expansion in Texas. Here it is; of particular note, I think, is Davidson’s point (citing Harvard economist Katherine Baicker) that whether you’re for Medicaid expansion or against it, it’s supposed to be a health care program, not a jobs program. (I say “of particular note” because of this morning’s email blast from Progress Texas, subject line “On First Day, Greg Abbott Can Create 300,000 Jobs”—no, no he can’t, actually.)

In any case, I would guess many of you would disagree with Davidson, and encourage you to do so in the comments. (We’ll no doubt host some arguments for Medicaid expansion as the session goes on, as we did in 2013.)