The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that David Dewhurst told a meeting of the Tarrant County Republican National Hispanic Assembly in Fort Worth, “I know Wendy Davis. And I don’t think she stands a chance running for statewide office.”

If I were in Dewhurst’s shoes, I don’t think I would be making such pronouncements. The way he is going, especially after his call to the Allen Police, somebody may point out that unless he rights the ship, he may not stand a chance running for statewide office. He was also quoted in the Star-Telegram as saying, “It’s my hope, friends, that about a year from now that people are saying, ‘Why were we talking about Wendy Davis?”What he should be worried about is whether people will be saying, about a year from now, “Why were we talking about David Dewhurst?” As for Davis’s prospects in a general election race, they depend upon whether she can make inroads among Republican women in the suburbs. Getting picked on by a man is a good way to start.