Chet Edwards Campaign Statement On Partisan Poll WACO – In response to the partisan poll being pushed today by the Flores campaign, the Edwards campaign released the following statement: “The partisan poll they have released is wishful thinking. This race will be competitive and hard fought, as have all the campaigns that Chet Edwards has won. The predictions of Chet’s demise have been repeatedly proven wrong by the voters, which Mr. Flores might not know since he has never once voted in a general election in our district,” said Edwards Campaign Spokeswoman Megan Jacobs. * * * * I have seen no documentation concerning the numbers in the Flores poll. I published the numbers, but I am sure that readers realize that a poll commissioned by a candidate that comes out favorably for that candidate is not going to carry a lot of weight with most people, including me. However, I would add that just because it is a partisan poll doesn’t mean it is wrong.