Public Policy Polling’s most recent survey shows that Rick Perry has virtually no support for president among Texans. Indeed, he is so poorly regarded that he would lose a head-to-head matchup with Hillary Clinton.

The days when Perry was actually relevant are long gone. No one pays any attention to him. His only interest seems to be his war on the University of Texas, plus barnstorming around the country on the taxpayers’ dime. He doesn’t even seem to care about badmouthing other states any more. What is the last thing he has done that mattered? He spoke up for Proposition 6, but the public official who drove that train was Joe Straus, not Perry.

What monuments will he leave behind when his term expires in January 2015? Can anyone name anything Perry has done to make this state a better place? I can’t. He has done everything in his power to prevent Texans from getting health care, and to prevent hospitals from getting the benefits of Medicaid expansion. His only interest in recent years has been in attacking Barack Obama. He has had more than a decade to govern this state but has absolutely nothing to show for it except winning a few elections in a political climate when he could hardly lose.