This following email was sent by Denise McNamara, the former Republican National Committeewoman for Texas:

Fellow Conservatives: Our conservative GOP platform is under attack! Under the guise of “simplifying” the RPT platform, liberal activists are organizing in an attempt to gut our conservative planks. It’s time to rally the troops. Last Saturday (4/14) and this Saturday (4/21) Republicans throughout Texas are gathering for their County and District Conventions. To find information on your convention, go to the Republican Party of Texas web site and enter the name of your county. But your participation is imperative. During these conventions important work will be done, including selection of state delegates and platform resolutions to forward on to our state platform committee. There is a move afoot to weaken our platform by having entire sections removed, planks such as: traditional marriage, sanctity of life, strong national defense, and even support of our long-time ally Israel. The proponents of these radical views do not have the numbers to start a third party, so they are trying to infiltrate ours. They are well organized, and they have a plan. In order to defend our conservative principles, conservatives need to be present at their conventions from the moment it is called to order until the convention is adjourned. There is always a danger of complacency in every election, especially in reliably “Red” Texas. But in order to influence our elected officials and hold them accountable we have to be engaged. It’s a recurring theme, but it has never been more true: “The next election is the most important election of our lifetime.” This November we must defeat Barack Obama. The prospect of four more years of Obama, of more Obama appointments to the Supreme Court, more damage done to our economy, unfathomable debt, and out-of-control taxation and regulation should be enough to motivate every one of us to remain engaged and focused. As President Calvin Coolidge said, “Duty is not collective; it is personal.” So, keep on working, keep the faith, and may God bless Texas!

* * * * It’s hard to know precisely what McNamara’s concerns are. Is it an invasion by Ron Paul supporters, a possibility I wrote about a week or so ago, before the Senate district conventions? Is it a rump group, such as the Republican Liberty Caucus or an organization that goes by Fix the GOP Platform? In any event, it appears possible that there will be a challenge to the GOP platform at the state convention.