Since we launched the redesigned, I’ve received lots of feedback from my readers. Now that the editors have had a little bit of time to work through some of the kinks, I wanted to address some of your concerns.

During the redesign we switched to a new commenting system called Disqus, in part, I’m told, because this “new system facilitates discussion between commenters and it enables our readers to integrate commenting with their Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ accounts.” It also allows you comment anonymously—you may choose any screen name you want—but we require you to at least submit an email address to leave a comment. (Your email address will not be made public.)

I’ve started using it myself, and overall Disqus is pretty simple. Part of what has made this blog so much fun has been the comments, so I encourage you to jump in. And even though it shouldn’t need to be said, please remember I will delete comments that contain offensive language or libelous remarks. That’s my least favorite part of this job, so let’s just avoid it.

Finally, many of you had told me that the RSS feed is not working. Our digital team is working on that problem, and I’m told it should be fixed within a a few days.

Thank you again for reading my blog, and I’ll see you during the session.