What might the lineup of chairs look like if Paxton were to win the speakership? The qualifications are (1) must be part of the Paxton team, either pledged to Paxton or withdrew a pledge to Straus; (2) must have some connection to the committee’s jurisdiction, either through subject matter, previous service, or fitness for the position. Here’s my list: APPROPRIATIONS – Chisum CALENDARS – Laubenberg DEFENSE & VETERANS AFFAIRS – V. Taylor ELECTIONS – Berman GENERAL INVESTIGATING – Hughes HIGHER EDUCATION – Morrison HOUSE ADMINISTRATION – Christian LOCAL AND CONSENT CALENDARS – C. Howard PENSIONS, INVESTMENTS & FINANCIAL SERVICES -Flynn PUBLIC EDUCATION – Weber REDISTRICTING – P. King TECHNOLOGY – T. Parker WAYS & MEANS – Craddick (I added Charlie Howard to the list of Paxton chairs, since he is not on the Straus pledge list. He is chairman of Local & Consent, a committee he chaired under Craddick.) Still looking for: INSURANCE PUBLIC HEALTH NATURAL RESOURCES TRANSPORTATION