If Craddick is indeed using $160 million in higher ed funding above the Senate and House bills for political purposes, he may find a roadblock in his way: the Senate. There is no chance that the Senate is going to let the House have $160 million to play with. They may … Gallego is asking why the abortion bill, postponed to a time certain, which was 5:30 p.m., has not been brought before the House at 8:04. Woolley says they moved the appropriations bill ahead of it. Gallego says the author should make a motion to postpone the bill further. Excellent point, says Woolley … The irony of the Senate’s role is that Dewhurst, by taking away money that the House wants to use, can deal some torment to his old tormentor.

Late report (unconfirmed, but from an ex-member — D — who has been through the wars) is that the majority of the Ds are with McCall. I’m at home and every time I try to leave for the Capitol I get another call. Anyone who is trying to reach me tonight, I’m not on my cell. Call home, 454-8392, to get the right cell number.