I’m going to poach off the Trib predictions. —Wentworth vs. Jones/Campbell From the beginning I have been certain that Wentworth would win this race. What’s more, I think it’s important that he do so. TLR is getting too big for its britches. The danger for Wentworth is a runoff if Campbell gets enough votes. She has a strong right-wing following. —The Senate race This is another race in which I have never wavered. Dewhurst is going to win. Too much name I.D. and too much money. The Cruz campaign is a mirage. –Chisum vs. Craddick I’m going with Chisum. Newspaper endorsements matter in obscure races, and Chisum got the Morning News endorsement. More important, the industry is with him. Kelly Hancock vs. Todd Smith TLR is going to dump a ton of bucks on Hancock. If Smith can remain competitive in fundraising, it’ll be a fair fight. The interesting thing about this race is whether Perry’s endorsement will help Hancock or hurt him. Perry isn’t exactly a hot property right now. Thanks to the Tribune for letting me play in your sandbox. * * * * What about other races coming up? The key House races are all about Straus chairs: Pitts, Eissler, Truitt. I don’t foresee any other upsets.