You can love Dunnam or you can hate him, and I’ve done both, at times, but I’ll say this about him: He doesn’t miss much. He had some Voter I.D. proposals to present to the Elections committee today, and when the hearing started, Todd Smith spoke generally to the audience about the procedure and other matters. One of the things Smith said was that Senate Bill 362 would be the vehicle for any changes. Dunnam immediately saw the significance of Smith’s casual remark: “If 362 would be used as the vehicle, then any changes have to be germane to Senate Bill 362. If you limit it to the vehicle, then you are prohibiting any changes or alterations to 362 that are not germane to 362. Therefore, the House is going to be constrained by the Senate’s approach, and we will not be able to go beyond the changes that the Senate made. If the decision has already been made that 362 will be the vehicle, then my changes may not be germane, and I want to know if that decision has already been made.” And, he might have added, who made it. The Democrats already feel that they have been betrayed on Voter I.D. by the makeup of the committee Straus appointed. This exchange didn’t help.