As most of you have no doubt heard, national embarrassment Donald Trump invaded Texas today, bound for the city of Laredo, which is no doubt feeling a pang of nostalgia for the days when it was an independent republic, vulnerable to Mexico and Texas but at least not to draft-dodging, profiteering scions of privilege from New York.

Trump may have been hoping for a warm welcome from Rick Perry, because—as Abby Johnston explained earlier this month—he is apparently doing his best to boost our former governor’s presidential prospects. Alas, Rick Perry is not having it. Neither is Judith Zaffirini, Laredo’s longtime state senator, although she did take the time to offer Trump some useful economic and cultural information, which I am sure he will read in an unbiased frame of mind.

As for me, I’d like to add the following thoughts on Trump: Trump is a grotesque and repulsive clown. He is not worth my time, or yours. But if you insist on caring what he thinks about Laredo—a city that is home to a couple hundred thousand Texans, which was settled before the United States or Mexico were even countries, and which Donald Trump has been spewing lies about for weeks on the basis of no knowledge or personal experience, perhaps because he delusionally believes that by doing so he is putting himself in “great danger”—have at it in the comments.