Overall, I would summarize this week in Texas politics as way less stupid than the preceding one: congratulations all around.

I expect even better things for next week, now that all the committee assignments have been made and the House can join the Senate, and specifically the Senate Finance Committee, in getting down to business. (As a side note, I was tickled by Tony McDonald’s analysis, over at EmpowerTexans, that we’re all a bunch of sheeple for thinking the House Appropriations committee is important.)

Also, a programming note: I’m working on a longer piece about the ongoing guns debate, so I probably won’t be posting about it in the meantime. But since the debate is ongoing, I’d like to refer readers to Chris Hayes’ interview with Poncho Nevarez, which aired on MSNBC last night; by the end of the segment, it’s hard to argue with Nevarez’ conclusion that Watkins is a “yoyo”, and one who is seemingly determined to thwart his supposed cause. Is he the yoyo of the week? Let’s debate that question, and any others, in the comments.