Texans for Lawsuit Reform announced its endorsements for the fall elections Thursday, and while the vast majority of TLR’s choices were Republicans, four WD-40s in the Texas House of Representatives who face contested races received the influential organization’s nod: Mark Homer, Paris (50.22% in 2004); Chuck Hobson, Jacksonville, (52.7% in 2004); Robbie Cook, Eagle Lake, (53.66% in 2004); and David Farabee, Wichita Falls, 53.09% in 2004). These races are expected to be close, so it is a mild surprise that TLR, which generally leans Republican, backed Democrats in seats that have been regarded as potential R pickups (some with more potential than others). TLR’s endorsements of Patrick Rose and Mark Strama are less surprising. All statewide Republican candidates received TLR’s backing. Yawn.