There has never been anything like this before in American political history: 22 states voting on the same day, the closest thing to a national primary we have ever had.

The first thing that I’ve picked up today, from a consultant who spoke to a Republican involved in the GOP campaign in Texas, is that the exit polls show that Obama is doing very well. Clinton has some firewalls tonight, like New York and Massachusetts (and Obama has Illinois), but they won’t mean much if she doesn’t do well in California.

The last Field Poll in California (the most respected poll in the state), as of 2/3, showed McCain with an 8 point lead over Romney and Clinton with a 2 point lead over Obama. A CNN/Opinion Research Poll showed him up by 13 a week ago.

McCain has a chance to seal the deal tonight with a solid win in California. So what does he do in the weekend before Super Tuesday? He went to Illinois, through the South, then to New York and Massachusetts. He didn’t get back to California until today. Massachusetts! That’s the state where Romney was governor. Romney is going to win it by a zillion points. What was McCain thinking of?