I guess the reason that no one is making an ssue of complaining about Rick Perry’s ideas of an “emergency” is that we’re all used to this by now. Perry cares only about politics and feeding red meat to the base and rewarding his friends and punishing his enemies. That’s what passes for public policy in this state. Is there another governor in the country, who, faced with a mammoth budget deficit, would offer no solutions, no suggestions for the survival of basic state services. while establishing priorities that are trivial by comparison: Voter ID, outlawing sanctuary cities, mandatory sonograms as a prerequisite for an abortion, an agreed-to eminent domain bill, which could pass on the consent calendar at any time during the session, and asking Congress to amend the Constitution to require that the federal government operate with a balanced budget. (The latter is trivial only because everybody knows Congress files such requests next to where the Ark of the Covenant was stored after Harrison Ford recovered it.) I suspect that most governors, like 48 or 49 out of 50, would be embarrassed to fast-track such proposals when their state was facing a $27 billion budget deficit that is partly the result of the governor’s own policies, but nothing seems to be too blatantly political to embarrass Perry. And I think the reason no one really is wringing their hands over the governor’s upside-down priorities is that we long ago ceased to expect anything more.