I don’t mean to be churlish, but what’s the point of polling a race that hardly anyone is paying attention to? At this stage of the contest, the only meaningful information is that there is no meaningful information. The UT/Texas Tribune Poll ranks the candidates as follows: Dewhurst 22% Cruz 10% McCaul 5% (not an announced candidate) Leppert 5% Ames Jones 2% Don’t Know 50% Nothing has happened in this race to give voters enough information so that the race could be polled. Yes, there have been a number of forums, most of which Dewhurst has not attended. Cruz does well at these events. But he’s engaging in retail politics, which is a very inefficient way to campaign, and unless a prospective voter happens to be in attendance, nobody outside the room even knows that the event exists. If Cruz could raise the money to attack Dewhurst’s conservative bona fides, he might get somewhere, but he has shown no sign of being able to do so, and certainly not of being able to compete with Dewhurst’s war chest. Leppert has personal money to spend, but he starts with essentially zero name ID outside the Metroplex. After the filing deadline (whenever that is going to be) has passed, then there will be some action in this race and candidates will start running TV spots. Then a poll might tell us something.