Observant readers may recall this post from last week, which ran under the headline, “For whom the bell polls:” The very last poll of the election season is the final newspapers’ poll. Perry is +12, 49% to 37%. This is less a reflection of Perry’s and White’s individual strengths and weaknesses than it is a reflection of the generic difference between the parties: 2008 Presidential: McCain 55.45 – Obama 43.68 2008 U.S. Senate: Cornyn 54.28 – Noriega 42.83 Now we can add the Texas governor’s race: Perry 54.97 – White 42.28 Again, it’s twelve points, give or take some hundredths. Conclusion: Republicans routed Democrats in House races, but the statewide numbers did not move. The presidential and Senate races in 08 and now the governor’s race in 2010 suggest that Republicans enjoy a twelve point lead over Democrats in major races. All the money and all the advertising–millions of dollars on both sides–didn’t move the needle that measures the difference between the parties.