This was the response from the Vo campaign to Greg Meyers’ press release detailing various lawsuits complaining of conditions at apartment complexes owned by Vo: The Greg Meyers attack machine continued its personal and inaccurate attacks on the popular Democratic Representative, Hubert Vo. The latest version of his opponent’s website fabricated a supposed pattern of neglect in Mr. Vo’s apartments. The website highlighted a complaint filed in August of 2000 that an African-American resident sought protection under the Fair Housing Act because the “apartment complex management sought to have her evicted.” They stated that the resident, who moved into the Wall Street Apartments in 1996, had complained of raw sewage and rodents. In addition, she claimed that when she tried to relocate to another unit that she was “falsely informed that there were no vacant units available.” Sounds bad but, unfortunately for Mr. Meyers, he never bothered to check the facts. Mr. Vo actually bought the complex in question on October 16, 2000, two months after the Fair Housing complaint was filed and four years after the initial complaints were made. Simply stated, he was not the owner at the time of the problems. If Rep. Vo’s opponent cannot bother to check the facts on a website available to the public and would rather focus his campaign on inaccurate personal attacks, would you want him as your representative? Could you trust him?