They’re on the first amendment to suspend the 4/5 rule, and already the House has turned into a circus. Michael Villarreal has an amendment to suspend the rule for six particular issues. Then Puente wants to add water conversation. Then Charlie Howard says, You’ve left out education. Then Chisum says, Everybody better get down here with their amendments for the things that matter to them.

Burnam says, the reason this is happening is that the minority party has been disrespected for four years. Chisum says, it’s the obligation of the minority party to work with the majority.
Burnam isn’t buying it.

Chisum’s comment sounds like a threat to Coleman, who has a parliamentary inquiry about whether it’s appropriate to make threats from the front mike.

Villarreal said earlier, “It’s best to have give and take … [The leadership] is asking us for a blank check to hand over our current power to influence the agenda, in exchange for what?

We all know the answer to that. Craddick doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. Gee, haven’t I heard this before?

Villarreal withdraws his amendment.

Berman enters by making a speech, not asking a question, from the back mike. Slow learner.

Villarreal asks members to vote against HR 4.

Dunnam in opposition. You’ve been told, if you don’t suspend the House will have come to gridlock. Nothing will get done. This is not true. Very few bills ever get debated in the first sixty days. 76th Legislature, 6 bills passed in the first 60 days. 77th, 2 bills. 78th, 6 bills. 79th 10 bills.

Dunnam says Chisum threatened. “If you vote against this, you cut yourself out of the process.”

Dunnam. We just want to participate, and the only way to participate is by voting no.

Now Bonnen is blaming the Ds for not playing well. Welcome to Washington!

Looks to me as if the rule won’t suspend.

Update: It didn’t. The vote was 108-34, 12 votes short of the 120 needed. Burnam pared with Truitt, who was absent.