I don’t get it. Why did Rick Perry go to South Carolina? Why did he participate in the New Hampshire debate? He had no passion, he didn’t  attack anybody, and certainly not Romney. I guess he just wants to play with the other kids. He can’t stand being left out. It’s really getting a little sad. He can’t accept defeat, but it’s obvious that he has become irrelevant, and that he will continue to be irrelevant in the future. He was pretty much ignored tonight. And why did he say he would send troops to Iraq? Does he want to invade? Or does he just want to show that he’s tougher than Obama? Perry missed a big opportunity in his presidential bid by failing to capitalize on his status as a veteran. On the other hand, if his way of capitalizing was to send troops back to Iraq, I doubt that vets would have been thrilled about that. What a strange campaign. I suppose that the obvious explanation is that everybody knows now that Romney is going to be the nominee, and there is not much point in making him look bad before he takes on Obama. The only person on stage who actually performed like a debater (other than Romney) was Ron Paul, when he took on Santorum.