The year’s end is a time for making lists. The list that follows is my choice of the events that most affected Texas politics in 2009. No doubt readers will have their own lists; I invite them to post their versions in the comments section. What follows is my collection of the most important events of 2009, in top to bottom order of importance: 1. The continuing economic crisis and the state’s deteriorating fiscal condition. 2. Craddick concedes defeat for reelection as speaker; Straus elected 3. The March Texas Poll: Hutchison’s 24-point lead in December drops to 6 points (36-30) 4. Rick Perry indicates that Texas might secede one day at Austin tea party rally 5. Bill White announces for governor 6. Voter ID blows up the legislative session at the beginning and the end 7. Annise Parker is elected mayor of Houston 8. Chuck Hopson switches parties to seek reelection as a Republican 9. Census bureau figures show that Texas will get 4 new congressional seats 10. U.S. Senate wannabes left with nowhere to go as Hutchison decides to put off her resignation.