This is the web site for the official returns. To get to it, click here: It shows Parker winning 53.60% of the vote to Locke’s 46.40%. It also shows that 738 of 738 precincts have reported. I used these numbers in my previous report on the race. Then I looked at Burnt Orange Report. Michael Hurta’s report has different numbers: Houston Mayoral Run-Off: 100% of Precincts Reporting Annise Parker: 81,958 (52.8%) Gene Locke: 73,257 (47.2%) I’m not trying to pick a fight with BOR. The Chronicle used the same numbers. I’m just curious how two reports showing 100% of precincts reporting end up with different percentages. I’d just like to know what the source is. If I’m wrong, I’ll make a correction.