He has only one option, to put all his eggs in the evangelicals’ basket. He has lost the tea party over immigration. He never had the business community; they belonged to Romney. The evangelical leaders are among the least-principled folks in politics, who have shown that they will not shrink from attacking Romney’s religion. So there will be a whispering campaign about Mormonism while the Perry team tries to take down Romney with negative ads. I think an anti-Romney blitz will diminish Perry along with Romney. Going negative in a multi-candidate primary runs the risk of turning off some of your own supporters. But none of this is Perry’s biggest problem, which is something he can’t undo. He isn’t presidential. It’s not in him. He behaves as if he were running for Congress instead of president. There is an inherent smallness about him, not of stature but of gravitas, that can’t be fixed.